Philadelphia Construction Worker Lashes Out At Antifa Protesters

America is finished with the Communist Antifa Scum


A Philadelphia construction worker screamed profanities at anti-fascist protesters Monday as several men stepped in to separate the worker and black-clad demonstrators.

Video of the incident, taken by Joshua Scott Albert, surfaced on Tuesday.

“Pussies! You’re fucking communists! You’re the fucking fascists!” he yelled at the protesters.

One of the protesters said something to him, and the construction worker replied, “Oh, now you’re gonna talk shit. Now you’re gonna talk shit ’cause the cops are here? You fucking pussies…”

A man attempted to calm the worker down, and the unidentified worker shook his hand and said, “Somebody’s gotta stand up to them, though.”

Clayton man ‘duped’ into alleged home invasion

GLOUCESTER TWP. – Dante Robinson, shot in the back during a Gloucester Township home invasion Monday, was “duped” into driving a group to the Kay Lane house where an alleged assault and robbery took place, the man’s mother said.

“Dante is on the naive side,” his mother Anita Saunders told the Courier-Post on Thursday.

“He was asked by someone to take him somewhere to party.”

Robinson, 21, is accused of breaking into a residence on Kay Lane in Sicklerville at 12:30 a.m. Monday.

The Clayton man was hospitalized at Cooper University Hospital in Camden early Monday suffering a gunshot wound to the back, his mother confirmed. He is in stable condition.

Robinson is charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, theft, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child, the prosecutor’s office reported Wednesday.

When he is released from Cooper, he will be held at Camden County Jail.

“The only reason they’re giving him the charges is because he is the only one who was caught,” Saunders, of Clayton, said.

“I don’t know any of those kids. They duped him into taking them somewhere. They knew what they were going to do. (Dante) did not know. … I truly believe he did not know.”

Police continue to investigate the alleged assault and robbery, including how the Kay Lane residents and Robinson’s car pool were connected.

Thursday, a Gloucester Township Police cruiser was stationed at the corner of Kay Lane and Jarvis Road where an electronic police marquee warning of the Click It or Ticket campaign was placed.

Brian Judge told the Courier-Post his wife Traci Judge is recovering from Monday’s incident. Traci, her two sons, and disabled mother and uncle were in the home when the alleged assault and robbery occurred, Brian Judge said.

He would not describe the scene until the police investigation is complete and additional suspects are caught. But his wife noted the family has “no skeletons in our closet.”

“We come from a background of law enforcement, military and hard-working Americans,” Traci Judge said in a statement.

“Our two sons are excellent children and avid baseball players. Our sons are sweet and low key — don’t go out much because they’re too busy with baseball.”

Saunders was in shock hearing her son was charged in the alleged assault and that he had been shot.

In the five years since facing charges related to the slaying of a Clayton pre-teen, Robinson had made progress, his mother said. He obtained his high school diploma, worked at Amazon in Swedesboro for two years, and got himself a car, according to Saunders.

In 2012, Robinson and his brother Justin Robinson — then 17 and 15 — were charged with killing Autumn Pasquale, a borough 12-year-old.

Autumn was strangled in the basement of Saunders’ East Clayton Avenue home, the girl’s body relocated to a trash can on a vacant property next door, police determined.

Both brothers were charged with murder. Justin, now serving a 17-year sentence for aggravated manslaughter as part of a plea agreement, admitted to being the sole person responsible for luring the girl to their home and strangling her.

Dante Robinson pleaded guilty to fourth-degree obstruction in 2013 and was sentenced to six months in jail. He was released with time-served, having been held in the Camden County Youth Facility for nearly a year after Autumn’s body was discovered.

Saunders did not dispute something “definitely happened” at the Kay Lane house Monday.

“As far as the facts of it, we have to wait until the other boys are caught,” the mother said.

“I believe him, just like I believed he had nothing to do with Justin and Autumn.”


The mother of the Black men who murdered Autumn Pasquale made a Facebook post about her one son’s recent arrest.

Autumn Pasquale killing: Dante Robinson released from jail, pleads guilty to obstruction

Here is a case from 2013 that you have probably never heard about, but that needs to be spread to everyone:

(LEFT) Image of Dante Robinson, 17, taken from Twitter. (RIGHT) Image of Justin Robinson, 15, taken from Facebook.
autumn pasquale new

Dante Robinson, initially charged in the death of Autumn Pasquale, was released from a youth correctional facility Tuesday, according to sources close to the case.

In afternoon court proceedings, Dante, of Clayton, pleaded to fourth-degree obstruction in Family Division Superior Court Judge Colleen Maier’s courtroom. The teen, who has been in the Camden County Youth Correction Facility since last fall, was sentenced to six months in jail and released with time served, according to a confidential source.

“Dante Robinson was released from custody today. He admitted no crime,” said Chris Hoffner, the teen’s attorney on behalf of the family. “This confirms what we always knew. Dante did not hurt the decedent and was not involved in her death or the moving of her body. People may not want to believe it, but the truth prevailed today, and Dante is home.”

Anita Saunders, Dante’s mother, was at home Tuesday night inside the East Clayton Avenue home where police claim 12-year-old Autumn was murdered. The family would not say if Dante was inside the house.

Dante and his brother Justin Robinson were 17 and 15 last October when arrested and charged in juvenile court with the girl’s killing.

Autumn’s disappearance in late October prompted a massive days-long search through Clayton and surrounding communities. Two days after she went missing, her remains were found in a blue recycling bin on an abandoned property next door to the Robinsons’ East Clayton Avenue home. The brothers were charged in her death.

Last month Justin Robinson, now 16, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter after taking sole responsibility for luring the pre-teen to his house and strangling her.

He was sentenced on Sept. 12 to serve 17 years in state prison of which 85 percent, or about 14 years, must be served before he is eligible for parole.

Tuesday night the borough was quiet. The Pasquales’ West High Street home, where Autumn was last seen on Oct. 20, was dark.

Autumn’s father Anthony Pasquale would not comment on Dante’s release.

“Mr. Pasquale respects the court’s order,” said Doug Long, Anthony Pasquale’s attorney who would not make additional comments about the obstruction plea or Dante’s release.

Man involved in Autumn Pasquale murder injured while committing home invasion, cops say

Dante Robinson, one of the brothers involved in the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasqaule in 2012, was arrested Monday and charged in a home invasion, prosecutors said. (file photo from Twitter)
Dante Robinson, one of the brothers involved in the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasqaule in 2012, was arrested Monday and charged in a home invasion, prosecutors said.

WINSLOW TWP. — Dante Robinson, one of the brothers involved with the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasqaule in 2012, has been arrested and charged in a home invasion that left him injured.

On Monday, Robinson was arrested just after midnight after breaking into a home near Kay Lane in Sicklerville, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. He is being charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, theft, aggravated assault and endangering a child, officials said.

Robinson, 21, is currently being treated in Cooper University Hospital for an injury he received during the burglary, the prosecutor’s office said. They said that once he is released from Cooper, he will be sent to Camden County jail pending the pretrial detention hearing in accordance with the New Jersey Bail Reform.

Under the recent Criminal Justice Reform rules, the court may order Robinson be detained without bail or released with conditions.

Autumn Pasquale (provided) 
Autumn Pasquale (provided)


Robinson was released from jail in September 2013 after pleading guilty to obstruction for his role in the murder of Autumn Pasquale who was found in a blue recycling bin two days after being reported missing in October 2012. The bin was located on an abandoned property next door to the Robinsons’ East Clayton Avenue home.

Robinson and his brother, Justin, were charged in her death. Justin pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter and took sole responsibility for luring Autumn to his house and strangling her. He was sentenced on to serve 17 years in state prison of which 85 percent, or about 14 years, must be served before he is eligible for parole.

ANTIFA MEMBER? Brody “Chacha” Gimbel

This past week, we received numerous emails regarding a possible member of Philadelphia ANTIFA. The emails come from  an individual that claimed to be a relative of Brody Gimbel. According to Brody Gimbel’s Linkin page, he is a supervisor at Petplan Pet Insurance of Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Petplan Pet Insurance – North America
Address: 3805 W Chester Pike Suite 240, Newtown Square, PA 19073
Phone: (866) 467-3875

I think it would be a great service to inform Petplan Pet Insurance that one of their supervisors is a member of a terrorist organization that burns American flags and that is anti-police and anti-government. I’d suggest calling them and asking their opinions on his possible involvement with violent terrorist activities.

He is also known to attend Philadelphia Union soccer games.

Click images for larger versions:

Brody "chacha" gimbel

Brody “chacha” gimbel



Brody Gimbel

Brody Gimbel


Brody Gimbel At Philadelphia Union game

Brody Gimbel At Philadelphia Union game


Brody Gimbel

Brody Gimbel

Did an Antifascist Group Put Up Anti-White Posters in Seattle?

A photograph showing a ‘When You Date a White’ poster in Seattle is real, but Emerald City Antifa said that they were not responsible for the message.


On 5 December 2016, a photograph purportedly showing a poster warning against the “propagation of whites” was published to the web site Imgur. A few days later, University of Washington’s college newspaper reported that a similar poster had been taped to a pole near the campus bookstore:

This past Monday, Dec. 5, a friend of mine noticed and took a picture of this poster taped up near the UW Book Store. Addressed to those who choose to date white people, it warns that “propagation of whites” will “not be tolerated,” and that those who choose to date white people “have been warned.”

This is a crystal-clear threat against people of color in the Seattle community. I would argue that, implicitly, it is especially a threat against women of color. I know such women who felt shocked and afraid for their safety after seeing its toxic message, a message that is unequivocally a racist and violent threat.

On 6 December 2016, Emerald City Antifa posted to Facebook a message saying that they had nothing to do with either the creation or the distribution of the poster.  It also responded to several comments explaining that the message expressed on the poster was not in line with their views:

Another head’s up – we did not create or distribute this one either. This is not our message. This come across like what white supremacists tell each other about anti-fascists. Not very clever! Still, annoying.

Again, we did not post this sign. This isn’t even a thinly disguised political agenda by far right trolls… the language could be used as a recruiting technique to convince people that white people are under attack as a group, vs white supremacy is under attack as a systemic oppression.

Because so many people have been asking us again, here’s our response to these posters:

We did not make them. We did not put them up. This is not what we believe. The only people aware of what Antifa does and still thinks we’re anti-white are racists. Period.

We are much more ideologically sound and arty than that KKKrap. Promise.

Read the words of it. It’s exactly like their fantasy/nightmare of white genocide and anti-whiteness that the think anyone who hates racism believes in. We don’t have any actual evidence they did this, but this is the type of shit they do.

Date whoever you like.

It is unclear who was responsible for creating this poster, but it may have been an attempt to smear this particular group or divert attention from the people who actually put up the posters. Shortly after the image was posted, several messages encouraging people to spread a similar poster were posted to the web site 4chan:

You guys should spread these posters instead of the alt-right and white identity stuff. Go overboard with irony like Yuri described.

Tbf, this is the right way to redpill the population. They’re too dumb and sheepled to wake up when shown facts, so you have to go so far into fiction that they can’t suspend their belief any more. What will save the white race is not a new wave of brownshirts purifying ideology, it is an explosion of Antifa that then eats itself.

I wonder if I can get a printer to print these

I honestly can’t tell if this is actually an ANTIFA poster, or an alt-righter who posted this to stop racemixing.

Someone should start a low key effort to spread propaganda to make antifa look even dumber

The domain does not belong to the anti-fascist group, but instead the is being used to promote a book by Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s former senior editor, who shared the image to his Facebook page on 28 March 2017.  The Global Antifa page claimed that Yiannopoulos was using “fake racist flyers” to create buzz for his book:

Milo Yiannopoulos is at it again! This time, he is using fake racist flyers to make Emerald City Antifa in Seattle look like bigots! If you see these flyers in Seattle, rip them down! ECA would never post garbage like this!

He has even created a fake ECA website that links people to his own websites and Breitbart articles. You’re all getting trolled by Milo:

It is unclear if Yiannopoulos created the poster or if he was simply capitalizing on the controversy. According to, the web site was not created until February 2017, more than two months after the poster started to circulate.

We have reached out to the group for more information.

The plain and painfully clear truth about Antifa

In case you missed it, the emotionally damaged group using the name ANTIFA has made massive miscalculations and is now the most hated and despised organization in the world. Not content with libeling people who have at some point of their lives, many times decades before, been a part of the White Nationalist movement, the Antifa geniuses decided it would be wise to set their targets on any citizens that are not Communist/Socialist buffoons. Further numbing the buzz word “nazi,” they label Republicans “nazis,” the Alt-Right are “nazis” and if you are not someone that hates your country, does drugs and cross-dressers, you would probably be a “nazi” as well.

Antifa are a terrorist organization.

It is a clear as day, Antifa are out to suppress the expression of free speech and the right to assemble peacefully. Their cry that “America was never great” is disgusting and turns more and more average people against them every day. Locate any newspaper article mentioning Antifa that allows comments and 99% are people furious with them and also ridiculing them on how pathetic they are hiding behind masks and getting their asses kicked almost every time they harass and attack innocent citizens simply exercising their right to assemble to show support for the country they love and our current president. Yes Antifa scum, Donald J. Trump is still our president. And no matter how many times that you are humiliated and beaten up, until his term is finished, Trump will still be the president.

Since Antifa wear masks and are known to attack using weapons, it is without hesitation that I would personally smash any member I encounter. It doesn’t matter whether they are hiding behind the police officers or FBI as they are known to do, if they are within sight and threatening violence, it’s best to respond to violence with violence of your own. The irony is that Antifa are extremely feminine and despite wearing ski masks and carrying weapons, they are very weak and completely unable to do anything except yell into megaphones, vandalize store fronts and homes and to damage property with graffiti.

Antifa’s time is coming to an end. They are hated by everyone and as their identities are revealed, you will see how quickly they fade into obscurity, just like their original group – the laughed at for years Anti-Racist Action. Let’s face it folks, Antifa has nothing to do being with anti-racism, they are emotionally damaged losers, living in their parents’ basements and lashing out at the world like miserable babies wearing soiled diapers.

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