Fighting FIRE with fire – Antifa Tactics

As everyone familiar with Philly Antifa knows, they are not a part of any scene. Their members are outcasts, nerds as you may, who only have connections with other oddballs, deviants and miscreants.

The Antifa tactics are simple: They scour Google and social media websites like Facebook and then put together what they label “exposes” on any individual that isn’t a leftist Communist or Anarchist. Although most of their information consists of internet exaggerations, most are outdated or fabricated lies. And although they claim to be “against racism,” you will only find their internet attacks against Whites and many who are only being attacked based on friendships or music they happen to like. They especially love to harass parents with children. And since Antifa members are too afraid to attend local concerts, their only methods of “attack” are creating libelous and harassing websites and Twitter posts or attending our events, in which they have the police and media to hide behind.

The tides have changed and we have now formed a coalition that will work together to combat these basement-dwelling nerds. As they continue to anonymously attack good White men and women, we will battle back by tracking down and exposing all of the individuals responsible. Whether it takes Google or private investigators, their attacks will now always be followed by our updates on who these individuals are, their photographs, where they live, where they work and all of the people they are associated with.

It is a shame we have to waste resources on cowardice lowlifes with no courage to take their activism off of the internet or without hiding behind the police, but their days of internet harassment are coming to an end.


To clarify some confusion, Anti-Antifa is not directly connected with any organizations or groups. The posts contained on this WordPress site and Twitter are done by individuals and not backed in any way, shape or form by any groups. We simply hate the internet nerds that call themselves ANTIFA, sitting in their mommy’s basements, harassing individuals that are guilty of nothing but expressing their opinions and for holding legal beliefs. Antifa also are known world-wide for hiding behind the police during events. ANTIFA does not have any real beliefs, they simply counter anything that sane, hard-working White families would feel. Their entire existence focuses on opposing our patriotism and the thoughts of rational individuals that believe in culture and their history.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Antifa! DLJ and the dirty Droogettes


Is this not a sight for sore eyes? The blimp known as Daryle Lamont “Dirty Daryle” Jenkins of The One People’s Project and The Droogettes together. I don’t know what’s more sad – the monkey face at the left, fat ass Daryle or the cross-eyed bull dyke at the right… what do you think?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins and The Droogettes

Daryle Lamont Jenkins and The Droogettes

Daryle Lamont Jenkins appearing live – Saturday, April 11 at 7:00pm

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the One People’s Project is announcing that he will be attending a benefit concert at “The Factory” in Collingswood, New Jersey on Saturday, April 11 at 7:00pm. The address is 13 Fern Avenue, Collingswood, New Jersey 08108. Communist band “The Droogettes” will be playing. If you’re interested in calling “The Factory,” their phone number is 856-240-1584. Their Facebook page is:


Mumia out of hospital, back in jail

Back in your cage, you murdering dog!

Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row in the 1990s. (APRIL SAUL / File Photograph)

Mumia Abu-Jamal is back in prison after being hospitalized this week for treatment of diabetes.

Abu-Jamal, 60, who is serving a life sentence for killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1981, returned to State Correctional Institution-Mahanoy on Wednesday night after two days in intensive care, said Johanna Fernandez, one of his supporters.

His blood-sugar level remains high; Fernandez said it was 336 on Friday afternoon when he was last tested at the prison’s infirmary. Any reading above 186 is considered dangerous.

He was transported to Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville on Monday after passing out. At the time of his hospitalization, his blood sugar level was 779, his family said.

“He’s not well,” Fernandez, of the New York Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, said Friday. “His spirit is high, but he told us that he couldn’t get up yesterday. He’s lost 80 pounds since I last saw him three months ago.”Fernandez, along with Abu-Jamal’s brother and other supporters, visited him at the prison Friday, where they said he was in a wheelchair receiving medication through an IV.

Abu-Jamal was convicted in the killing of Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was reduced to life in prison without parole after a high-profile, decades-long appeals process.

In recent months, Abu-Jamal was in the news after giving a recorded commencement speech to graduates of a Vermont college last fall.

After the speech, Pennsylvania legislators passed a “mental anguish” law that lets crime victims seek injunctions against such speeches. Lawyers for Abu-Jamal are challenging the law in federal court, arguing that it infringes on free-speech rights.

NEWS: Mumia Abu-Jamal in intensive care at hospital in Pottsville, Pa.

Hopefully this murdering scum will soon be ROTTING IN PIECES!


Sources confirm to Action News that former death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal has been rushed to the Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Abu-Jamal’s lawyer, Bret Grote, told the Associated Press Monday that prison officials won’t tell him the reason for the hospitalization.

Grote confirmed that his client is in the critical care unit.

Grote says neither he nor Abu-Jamal’s brother, Keith Cook, have been allowed in to see him.

Abu-Jamal, 60, is a former Black Panther serving life in prison for the 1981 murder of white Philadelphia police Officer Daniel Faulkner.

His conviction was upheld through years of appeals, but he has gained international support for his claim that he’s the victim of a racist justice system.

Prison officials won’t comment on inmate medical conditions or hospitalizations.

Mr. & Mrs Keenan

What’s a matter guys, why did you want this post removed????

Thomas Keenan and Jessica (Cunningham) Keenan (aka Jesylovescake) tied the knot on Nov 15th 2014.


These two definitely belong together let’s just hope she gives him a little more cake than she has been eating.

Jesylovescake’s facebook page can be found at:

“Love your url Jesy, laugh everytime”

Let’s give them a nice warm congratulations – NOT!

Walter Cunningham, Jesy’s father; hopefully he knows what his new son-in-law is like. Keenan is a known anti-police activist where he attends and talks at anti-police rallys and meetings claiming they are to stop Police brutality. Keenan is a criminal who got lucky after he and a few friends found the need to bash a police car.  He is affiliated with Philly Antifa a group that gets off on using anti-racism as their tool to spark racial conflict in small neighborhoods.


Jesy & Walter Cunningham



May your marriage be full of cake!