Philly & South Jersey Antifa violating New Jersey law

Please take a few minutes to report the illegal activities of “South Jersey” Antifa and Philadelphia ANTIFA in Cinnaminson, New Jersey and Maple Shade, New Jersey.

ANTIFA have recently put on their numerous twitter pages that they have posted ANTIFA flyers across telephone poles in both towns.

New Jersey State Statute 27:5-9 prohibits the placing of signs (political or otherwise) on public utility poles. In addition, Section 27:5-23 states “It shall be the duty of all departments of State or local government and all county and municipal officers charged with the enforcement of State and municipal laws under the direction of the commissioner to assist in the enforcement of the previsions of this act and the orders issuer or rules or regulations adopted pursuant to this act…the Chief of Police of an municipality are authorized and charged under the direction of the commissioner to enforce the provision of this act and any rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto”

NJSA Section 27:5-16 prescribes penalties ranging from $50 to $500 for each offense. Each day of the violation may be deemed to be a separate offense.


You can contact the Maple Shade, New Jersey Police at: (856) 234-8300

Cinnaminson, New Jersey Police can be reached at: (856) 829-6667


It is very important to be polite while reporting these violations and simply explain that ANTIFA has violated the NJ statutes with their littering.

Antifa violating NJ statutes

Antifa brag of violating NJ statutes


Philly Antifa Clowns

Philadelphia & “South Jersey” Antifa


Antifa… Cops are “pigs” and “nazis” until they run to them….

“Officers in an undercover police car that happened to be driving by spotted the two bloodied men standing on the sidewalk while trying to call 911 and asked them what was going on.”

On February 11, 2017, following a Cock Sparrer and Judge concert, a few members of a click of friends called “211” were having a get together at an after-concert party. Numerous eyewitnesses reported to us that they witnessed numerous Antifa members using their phones to videotape 211 members while taunting them. Little did they know that there were more members than they expected. A scuffle ensued and as most of the cowardly New York City NYC Antifa members ran, they left behind 2 twin brothers that are Antifa.

As with most internet groups that harass and target individuals and are only in the public with their faces covered and usually hiding behind the police, they were beaten up from one side of the street to the other!

It’s extremely ironic that for a group of #snowflakes like Antifa that post images of themselves with baseball bats and weapons, the first thing they did was run and then contact the police and newspapers. Cowards and weaklings.

So much for “PUNCH NAZIS,” huh guys? You have been warned, any and all acts of harassment and aggression will be met with actual real violence. You may attack innocent people and harass individuals online, but when you’re stupid enough to harass and taunt people in real life, YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH!

“Officers in an undercover police car that happened to be driving by spotted the two bloodied men standing on the sidewalk while trying to call 911 and asked them what was going on.”

If you’re in another Commie Leftist group, how do you feel about the scourge known as Antifa running to the cops?


Sign the petition to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization

Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear, in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. ANTIFA have demonstrated time and time again that they’re more than willing and able to fill these criteria.

We’re asking that the president formally declare ANTIFA a domestic terror organization.


Anarchists and Communists meeting in Philly on February 4, 2017 at 7pm

Saturday, February 4 at 7:00 PM11:00 PM EST

Lava space – 4134 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Philly Antifa presents a fundraiser for the PHL Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund.
“The PHL Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund is a resource for people in Philadelphia fighting against racism, cisheterosexism, and all other forms of control and exploitation. The state criminalizes actions that threaten to change the status quo, especially actions taken by already marginalized populations, people who are unaffiliated with activist organizations, and people going on the offensive to get free. We provide support for those actions in particular.
Building infrastructure to sustain resistance is especially crucial today, as those in power increase their efforts to shut down dissent and direct struggle. Your contributions to the PHL Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund will allow people to take on bolder and riskier actions in spite of ongoing state repression, and will help inspire and sustain effective action against domination and exploitation.”

$5 bucks, no one turned away but boneheads and similar shitstains. There’ll be food and drink for sale. If you can’t make it, the link above has other ways to donate.

The Guests

Haz Lo Correcto

Cornelius the Third


Yung Nila

Police deny attempts to ‘intimidate’ Philly Antifa

Police officers outside The Wooden Shoe, an anarchist bookstore on South Street, during a reading event on Jan. 28.

Police officers outside The Wooden Shoe, an anarchist bookstore on South Street, during a reading event on Jan. 28.

How to deal with Communists in the new era

For many years, the cowardice communists and anarchists would call the police and city hall to have concerts of people they didn’t like shut down. When they couldn’t get the shows shut down through their police force friends, they would tend to call in anonymous bomb threats or harass the venue owners.

Now, we live in a changing time where normal people and the authorities see what kind of snakes these anarchists are. Anarchists are against the police, they are against all government, so basically they are just rodents hell-bent on causing problems. Whether it’s by orchestrating protests that tie up roads or by causing vandalism against local stores, they are the enemy of all law abiding citizens or any business owners.

The time is now to follow their social media sites, websites and to directly report their activities to the police. If they are having an event, call, text and/or email the authorities so they can be kept in line.

For those in the Philadelphia area, go to:

If you want to put an end to these childish cowards that hide behind fake names on the internet and masks in public, the best way to do that is to use the method they successfully employed against us for a long time – the police.

Antifa clowns are as clueless as puppets can be

The left and Antifa in general are absolutely clueless. Not only are they doing the bidding of multi-national globalist companies, always hiding behind the internet or the police, but they are bragging about the cowardice assault of Richard Spencer, someone they claim is a “nazi.” Nazi is a scary word, huh? Richard Spencer is not a National Socialist or a White Supremacist, he simply is not a leftist scumbag.

The funny part of all of this is that Antifa post personal information and addresses around like friendless geeks passing bubble gum around a 1st grade class. So why is it that they can hit someone from behind, yet they aren’t brave enough or capable to be the violent, masked terrorists that they portray themselves to be.

The new reality is clear… the police and F.B.I. recognize these anarchists as the vandals and violence instigators that they are. As the pressure mounts, you will see them hide under the rocks again, like the cockroaches that they are. It’s time to shine a light on them. When they announce meetings or rallies of any kind, be sure to contact the police immediately. When their blog sites or Twitter pages flaunt photos of the vandalism and protests they incite, contact the police immediately. These are the same tactics they have used for years to shut down Nationalist concerts and must be used back onto to them. The police do not like scumbag anarchists vandalizing stores and causing chaos with their senseless protests and now that this issue is on the front burner, it’s time to push the authorities to deal with these spoiled Suburban kids once and for all.


The time is now upon us to deal with Antifa, using legal channels to reveal the coward’s identities and to cause them as many problems as possible, always within the scope of the law.

Paddy Tarleton – Antifa is Finished


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