Woman tried to burn flag amid Philadelphia Pride Parade crowd

A woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to set a ‘thin blue line’ style American flag on fire while in a crowd gathered for the Philadelphia Pride Parade on Sunday.

Ryan Segin, 18, was arrested shortly after 12 p.m. at 12th and Locust.

Video from the Action Cam shows police taking her into custody. Segin is seen wearing a black hoodie with a bandana over part of her face.

After she is taken away, officers could be seen collecting a flag, described as a ‘thin blue line’ flag with black, white and blue stripes, along with flammable paint stripper.

“The lady was about to burn a flag in the middle of a crowded area, so the cops had to detain her,” a witness told Action News.

Segin, a resident of Woodbine, New Jersey, was charged with attempted arson, risking a catastrophe and related offenses.


ADL explain who Antifa are…

Antifa face off against white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA

Edu Bayer for the New York Times

Antifa: Definition and History:

In recent weeks, law enforcement officers across the United States have faced the challenge of keeping the peace at a number of far-right rallies and demonstrations. Their task, to secure both safety and First Amendment rights, has been made more difficult not only by the white supremacists and other bigots who have shown up in Charlottesville, Berkeley and Boston, but also by a relatively small number of counter-protesters who engage in confrontational tactics, including violence, in their opposition to the right-wing extremists.  Most recently, the August 27th anti-racist march in Berkeley, attended by thousands of peaceful counter-protesters, turned chaotic when a number of anarchists appeared and allegedly attacked several right-wing or pro-Trump attendees.

These violent counter-protesters are often members of the “antifa” (short for “antifascist”), a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements. Their ideology is rooted in the assumption that the Nazi party would never have been able to come to power in Germany if people had more aggressively fought them in the streets in the 1920s and 30s. Most antifa come from the anarchist movement or from the far left, though since Trump’s election, some people with more mainstream political backgrounds have also joined their ranks.

These antifa sometimes use a logo with a double flag, usually in black and red. The antifa movement began in the 1960s in Europe, and had reached the US by the end of the 1970s.  Most people who show up to counter or oppose white supremacist public events are peaceful demonstrators, but when antifa show up, as they frequently do, they can increase the chances that an event may turn violent.

Today, antifa activists focus on harassing right wing extremists both online and in real life.  Antifa is not a unified group; it is loose collection of local/regional groups and individuals. Their presence at a protest is intended to intimidate and dissuade racists, but the use of violent measures by some antifa against their adversaries can create a vicious, self-defeating cycle of attacks, counter-attacks and blame. This is why most established civil rights organizations criticize antifa tactics as dangerous and counterproductive.

The current political climate increases the chances of violent confrontations at protests and rallies. Antifa have expanded their definition of fascist/fascism to include not just white supremacists and other extremists, but also many conservatives and supporters of President Trump.  In Berkeley, for example, some antifa were captured on video harassing Trump supporters with no known extremist connections.  Antifa have also falsely characterized some recent right wing rallies as “Nazi” events, even though they were not actually white supremacist in nature.

Another concern is the misapplication of the label “antifa” to include all counter-protesters, rather than limiting it to those who proactively seek physical confrontations with their perceived fascist adversaries.  It is critical to understand how antifa fit within the larger counter-protest efforts. Doing so allows law enforcement to focus their resources on the minority who engage in violence without curtailing the civil rights of the majority of peaceful individuals who just want their voices to be heard.

All forms of antifa violence are problematic. Additionally, violence plays into the “victimhood” narrative of white supremacists and other right-wing extremists and can even be used for recruiting purposes.  Images of these “free speech” protesters being beaten by black-clad and bandana-masked antifa provide right wing extremists with a powerful propaganda tool.

That said, it is important to reject attempts to claim equivalence between the antifa and the white supremacist groups they oppose. The antifa reject racism but use unacceptable tactics. White supremacists use even more extreme violence to spread their ideologies of hate, to intimidate ethnic minorities, and undermine democratic norms. Right-wing extremists have been one of the largest and most consistent sources of domestic terror incidents in the United States for many years; they have murdered hundreds of people in this country over the last ten years alone.  To date, there have not been any known antifa-related murders.

Antifa: Scope and Tactics:

Today’s antifa argue they are the on-the-ground defense against individuals they believe are promoting fascism in the United States.  However, antifa, who have many anti-police anarchists in their ranks, can also target law enforcement with both verbal and physical assaults because they believe the police are providing cover for white supremacists.  They will sometimes chant against fascism and against law enforcement in the same breath.

While some antifa use their fists, other violent tactics include throwing projectiles, including bricks, crowbars, homemade slingshots, metal chains, water bottles, and balloons filled with urine and feces.  They have deployed noxious gases, pushed through police barricades, and attempted to exploit any perceived weakness in law enforcement presence.

Away from rallies, they also engage in “doxxing,” exposing their adversaries’ identities, addresses, jobs and other private information. This can lead to their opponents being harassed or losing their jobs, among other consequences. Members of the alt right and other right wing extremists have responded with their own doxxing campaigns, and by perpetuating hateful and violent narratives using fake “antifa” social media accounts.

Because there is no unifying body for antifa, it is impossible to know how many “members” are currently active.  Different localities have antifa populations of different strengths, but antifa are also sometimes willing to travel hundreds of miles to oppose a white supremacist event.

Fake antifa posts reportedly tricked police into massive show of force for neo-Nazi rally

Why are police citing fake antifa posts to plan for security? CREDIT: NURPHOTO
Why are police citing fake antifa posts to plan for security?

One of the big questions hanging over last month’s neo-Nazi rally in the small town of Newnan, Georgia centers on the outsized police presence that showed up to keep tabs on the event.

Why did hundreds of heavily armed police — numbering some 700, according to an estimate from Slate — show up in force for a paltry turnout of a few dozen white supremacists, going so far as to swing their guns at counter-protesters? Why did police act like they expected thousands more people, who could potentially incite violence, to arrive?

Thanks to a public records request, we may finally have an answer — and one that doesn’t reflect well on local authorities.

Emails obtained by Unicorn Riot  —  a self-described “decentralized… non-profit media organization” — revealed that officials from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office shared a Facebook post with one another in the lead-up to the rally claiming that counter-protesters in Newnan had dotted the city with stockpiles of “urine, feces, cans of peper spray or wasp spray, [and] ball bats,” among other weapons.

The post estimated that upwards of 13,000 white supremacists and counter-protests may show up, and claimed that people “will be targeted if [they] wear any clothing supporting trump [sic], America, or anything that leans to the right.”

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Grant, who forwarded the Facebook post to the rest of the higher-ups at the Coweta County Sheriff department, wrote, “Don’t guess these folks have heard of TEAM COWETA!!!!!”

There was one major problem, though: The Facebook post the Coweta County Sheriff’s officers shared with one another appears not to be from any reputable information source, but from the Facebook account of Clay Perry, a self-described “patriot” who said he’s “read [antifa] propaganda for a while now.”

One commenter on Perry’s wrote, “Left alone the Nazis would march right through town and out the other side. Antifa will bring the violence.” Added another who shared the post, “George Soros invading Newnan, Ga!!”

However, a stray Facebook post from a self-described “patriot” doesn’t appear to be the only bit of social media flotsam that informed local authorities’ massive security presence. Unicorn Riot pointed to another Facebook post shared by the city from an account called Valdosta Antifa. The post pledged that 10,000 antifa activists would show up at the rally — there to erect “status of Pauly Shore” and “to turn the fricken [sic] frogs gay.”

The post, as it is, is clearly satirical. (As the post closed, “You know, Valdosta Antifa is really just three kids in a trench coat and fake mustache right?”) It is unclear why the city cited the post in a request for information about security preparations.

Newnan Police Chief Douglas “Buster” Meadows did not return ThinkProgress’ request for comment.

Fake antifa posts have, of course, fooled others. But the local officials tasked with keeping Newnan safe appear to be the first police and security officers so clearly fooled by fake antifa material, and to have that fake material inform their own security decisions.

Masked Antifa gang attack woman journalist as Canadian police watch, refuse to help

Featured Image
Faith Goldy | Goldy being attacked by Antifa gang in Quebec, May 19, 2018.
Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence


ROXHAM ROAD, Quebec, May 25, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A conservative woman journalist physically assaulted by self-styled “antifa” protesters at a Quebec immigration protest is launching a complaint against both her attackers and the police for their inaction.

And in the wake of the disturbing attack, conservative commentators have accused the mainstream media of burying the story because they disagree with Faith Goldy’s political views.

Indeed, Goldy’s former boss, Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant, charges the media of “having a good laugh” over the violent incident.

Goldy was set upon by a far-left gang on May 19 while attempting to video an anti-immigration protest at the illegal border crossing on Roxham Road, near Colette, Quebec.

As shown in the video below, Goldy was shoved and pushed by several men and some women, some with face masks. They struck her phone from her hands and kicked it into the ditch, and surrounded her, kicking and punching her.

Goldy’s sole defender was her companion, a middle-aged man in a blue windbreaker, who tried to stand between her and her attackers, and scrambled to retrieve her phone while she cried, “Stop it! Stop it!”

Police in full riot gear were on hand, but none of them intervened.

Mainstream media were also out in strength, but they too, either ignored the incident or minimized it, as Ali Taghva pointed out in a scathing commentary in Post Millennial.

“When Canadians can openly see that what the media is telling us stands in stark contrast with actual events, we lose faith in them and the institutions that support them,” wrote Taghva.

“I do not agree with Faith Goldy or her views. Do I think she is far right? Yup,” he noted. “But do I think she deserves to be physically attacked?”

Those assaulting Goldy are “not grand defenders of refugees, they are not peaceful protesters – they are fanatics representing some of the most dangerous parts of the left wing,” Taghva wrote.

“If Canada and the mainstream are willing to define the hateful portion of the right as the alt-right, then it’s high time that the same distaste and worry was put towards the dangerous extremists of the left.”

MacKenzie had not responded to a request for comment by LifeSiteNews by deadline.

Levant also excoriated CBC Montreal reporter Jonathan Montpetit, who tweeted from the protest:

“Yeah, I’m guessing she was trying to call someone who cared about her, or just about the rule of law,” wrote Levant. “Because no-one on the scene did — not the male feminist reporters, not the police who stood there like potted plants.”

He also decried that Montpetit’s tweet was “liked” by “all kinds of journalists, including the CBC’s feminist political boss, Rosemary Barton.”

Montpetit had not responded to a request for comment from LifeSiteNews by deadline.

While his report does not mention the violence against Goldy, it explains the far-right is using the illegal border crossings to “grow its membership.”

There have been 7,600 asylum seekers coming into Canada from the United States at illegal entry points so far this year, and 20,000 last year, reports Montpetit.

Indeed, Roxham Road, situated between official border crossings at Colette and Hemingford, has morphed from an obscure rural road to “a veritable refugee camp, with semi-permanent structures,” noted Levant.

It was Goldy who, as a Rebel Media reporter, uncovered the thriving business of moving people illicitly across the board from New York to Quebec via Roxham Road, he pointed out.

As for Goldy, she is “in the process of filing an official complaint, both against the police for their inaction and against the Alt Left attackers,” she told LifeSiteNews in an email.

Evidently undaunted by the incident, she is heading back to Roxham Road for a peaceful protest at 3:00 p.m. on June 3.

“Prime Minister Trudeau erased our southern border without a democratic mandate,” she wrote. “Without a national referendum on such a radical policy shift, Canadians will take their voices to the streets!”

As for her mysterious unflappable protector in the blue windbreaker, “the body man I had acquired for the day was unable to make it at the last minute, so the person with me was not official Security but a sixty-year-old civilian who was travelling for me, mostly for company,” Goldy wrote.

“He is not right wing or an activist but says the attack, police inaction, and lack of media coverage has ‘red pilled’ him,” she added.

Pedophile Antifa Leader Found Guilty Of Raping Underage Girl

Article taken from: https://yournewswire.com/pedophile-antifa-leader-girl/

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, has been found guilty of the statutory rape of an underage girl.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, has been found guilty of the statutory rape of an underage girl and will be sentenced to prison on Monday.

Rhodes, 24, who received funding from George Soros as part of the Antifa Portland Resistance group, was found guilty by a Washington County Circuit Court jury on Friday.

The girl’s personal details have been withheld to respect her privacy. The jury’s 10-2 verdict came after a 1.5-day trial, according to reports.

Rhodes will be sentenced in May, however he is also scheduled next week to go to trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court in a separate case relating to sex with an underage boy.

Court papers say Rhodes groomed the boy on the internet and the boy wasn’t able to consent because of his age.

Rhodes faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.

The Antifa leader was on supervision by the Oregon Youth Authority for sexual abuse and sodomy at the time he was charged for alleged abuse in both counties, authorities say. Juvenile records aren’t public, so details of the earlier case aren’t available.

Rhodes had been required to register as a sex offender at the time he was charged in the Multnomah and Washington county cases, however that didn’t stop Antifa from allowing him to work closely with underage boys and girls.

It also didn’t stop George Soros from pumping millions of dollars into the movement.

As an Antifa leader, Rhodes was frequently seen at marches and sitting in on meetings at Portland City Hall. He also was a leader of Portland’s Resistance, a group that formed after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016.

He helped organize people during night after night of violent and destructive protests immediately after Trump’s victory.

Rhodes is facing as many as five years in prison for the statutory rape of the underage girl if the prosecution successfully argues that Rhodes’ felony was particularly egregious. The court case regarding the accusations of rape of an underage boy begin next week.

Turkey expels Israeli consul in spat over Gaza killings

Expulsion is latest development in strained relations as Ankara criticises killing of more than 60 Palestinians in Gaza.

Erdogan has been a vocal critic of the violence in Gaza and the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem [Anadolu]
Erdogan has been a vocal critic of the violence in Gaza and the opening of the

Turkey’s foreign ministry has asked Israel’s consul-general in Istanbul to leave the country “for some time”, after Israeli forces killed more than 60 Palestinians during protests in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, the ministry made a similar call to Israel’s ambassador to Ankara, which received a reciprocal response from Israel on the same day.

Israel protested on Wednesday over what it called Turkey’s “unbecoming treatment” of its expelled ambassador, after the envoy was shown on Turkish media undergoing an airport security pat-down in public view.

In response to Ambassador Eitan Naveh’s treatment, Israel’s foreign ministry said in a statement that it summoned the Turkish embassy’s charge d’affaires.

Naveh had only been in his post since December 2016, after a reconciliation deal earlier that year ended a dispute over the May 2010 deadly storming of a Turkish ship by Israeli commandos that saw relations downgraded for more than half a decade.

Ankara has been a vocal critic of the Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Heightened rhetoric

On Monday, Israeli forces killed more than 60 Palestinian protesters in Gaza, as tens of thousands of people rallied as part of the Great March of Return and against the US embassy move, which overturned decades of US foreign policy.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, currently on a visit to Britain, had on Monday stepped up his rhetoric, accusing Israel of “state terror” and “genocide” over the killings.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit back at Erdogan, with a tweeted jibe in Hebrew that as a leading supporter of Hamas “there’s no doubt he’s an expert on terror and slaughter”.

Responding on Twitter in English on Tuesday, Erdogan said: “Netanyahu is the PM of an apartheid state that has occupied a defenceless people’s lands for 60+ yrs in violation of UN resolutions”.

“He has the blood of Palestinians on his hands and can’t cover up crimes by attacking Turkey,” he added.

Controversy over racial incident that ended boys’ lacrosse season divides Haddonfield High

Welcome to the leftist anti-White agenda… where someone’s accusations can shut down an entire team for White players. IF this was said, it’s ignorant and should bring disciplinary action to the culprit… imagine if police blocked off a highway and revoked the license of every vehicle operator because someone stated a driver was drunk… Now Haddonfield, NJ will be overwhelmed with every shyster group like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, using your town for their own gain…

Days after Haddonfield school officials ended the season for the high school boys’ lacrosse team after a report that one of the athletes used a racial slur against a black athlete from another school, the decision continued to draw controversy and conflicting emotions Monday.

Interim Superintendent David T. Lindenmuth canceled the remainder of the lacrosse season  on Friday after an internal investigation could not identify the team member who made the slur.

On the first day in school for students since the announcement of the cancellation,  a student posted a message on social media urging a walkout Monday afternoon in support of the team. The student, a junior, said he felt “obligated to address the lack of due process and lack of support” school administrators had shown toward student athletes in recent days.  He asked his peers “to take a stand against the injustices” and join a protest, but none  materialized.

Lindenmuth said the student later voluntarily decided to abort the planned protest. Focus groups were held with students and staff instead, he said.

”We encourage our students to use their rights,” Lindenmuth said. He defended the decision to end the season, saying, “We took the evidence that we had, and we tried to make the best decision we could, based on the facts we had.”

School officials had set a deadline for someone to identify the student who was responsible and later extended it, students said.

“Since we could not pinpoint one, we had to look at the whole team,” Lindenmuth said last week.

The incident occurred May 1 during a girls’ track meet at Haddonfield involving teams from Sterling High School in Somerdale, Haddon Heights High School, and Haddonfield Memorial High School, according to Lloyd D. Henderson, president of the Camden County East Branch of the NAACP.

The black athlete, from Sterling, was on the track when five to seven white Haddonfield lacrosse players walked by her, said Cydney Thomas, a Haddon Heights track team member who is black. One of the boys told the Sterling athlete “to move, ‘N-word,’ ” Thomas said.  The lacrosse team was practicing on a field surrounded by the track.

The decision to punish the team upset some students, but others saw the decision as just.

Haddonfield seniors Adianna Alston and Taylor Bee, both 18, said they supported the decision.

“I feel that someone should step forward,” Bee, who is white, told reporters in front of the school on Kings Highway East. “Canceling the season was probably the only course of action they could do that would be a punishment, a reasonable and fair punishment.”

A student wearing a Haddonfield lacrosse shirt said that he was not a member of the team but that his brother, who has graduated, played for the Bulldawgs. The student said Haddonfield lacrosse coach Damon Legato had “looked 40 players in the eye and asked them if they said it, and they all said no.”

“You believe three girls over 40 lacrosse players,” said the student, who declined to give his name.

According to Bee, some lacrosse members have suggested that the Sterling student may have misinterpreted a remark. She dismissed that possibility and Henderson called the account “a fairy tale.”

“It’s a pretty distinct statement. I think it’s kind of a hard thing to mishear,” said Bee.

Added Henderson: “They [the lacrosse players] had a whole week to step up to the plate.”

Legato did not respond to messages Monday.

Students said the controversy was a topic of conversation Monday at the school, which enrolls about 850 students in grades nine through 12. Bee said some teachers reviewed the district’s “Human Dignity statement,” which reads in part:

“Diversity is a source of strength. Treating each other with respect and valuing differences eliminates prejudice, builds cooperation, and makes us a stronger community.” 

The allegation put a cloud over one of South Jersey’s most elite school districts, known for its academic and athletic prowess. A complaint filed with the New Jersey state athletic association by Sterling was referred to the state Attorney General’s Office for review by the Division on Civil Rights as a bias incident.

Lindenmuth, the first black schools chief in Haddonfield, said the district would conduct diversity training for students and staff. Additional procedures and requirements are planned for all sports teams, he said.

Alston, who lives in Williamstown and attends Haddonfield as a tuition student, said she has witnessed racial incidents at the school as the only black student in the senior class. She said she has two bi-racial classmates, also seniors.

“There is a lot of ignorance at this school that needs to be addressed,” Alston said. “I’m sad that this incident had to happen, but it’s finally being addressed.”

Ruth Fernands, 18, also a senior, agreed.

“We’ve had an issue for a while where bad things have been said and done, and it’s been covered up, and now it’s not. There’s room for discourse to happen, and I think that’s a step in the right direction,” she said.

The school’s population is 90 percent white, 4.2 percent Asian, 2.2 percent Hispanic, 1.5 percent black, and 1.9 percent multiracial.

The season’s cancellation is believed to be the first time that a New Jersey school has canceled a sports season in progress since 2014, when the Sayreville football program was shut down by incidents of bullying, harassment, and intimidation, according to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Haddonfield on Friday forfeited its final two games, against West Deptford and Cherry Hill East, ending its season 8-0 in the division, 9-5 overall. Haddonfield would have started the NJSIAA tournament on Wednesday, likely as the No. 7 seed in South Jersey Group 1.

In state tournament pairings released Monday by the NJSIAA,  Shore Regional High in West Long Branch was moved up to No. 7 seed in South Jersey’s Group 1. New Egypt was added to the field as the No. 16 seed.

650 confirmed Antifa that were at Charlottesville last year.

This list was taken from the Anti-Antifa Facebook page and has not been verified. For informational use only:

All known Antifa who went to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017(August 11 and 13 as well):

Key: Antifa with a “*” before their list number are Antifa who are known to be violent.

1. Lacy MacAuley (Leader): Washington, DC
*2. Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Leader): Philly, PA
3. Spencer George Sunshine (Leader): Brooklyn, NY
*4. John Michael Carico (Leader): Chattanooga, TN
*5. Renee Campbell Hall [INJURED]: Chattanooga, TN
*6. Alexander Stokes Contompasis AKA Alex Stokes (Leader): Albany, NY
7. Nicolas “Nic” Roy McCarthy-Rivera (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
8. Andrew Gil Mayton (Leader): Baltimore, MD
*9. Alexandra Shiflett: Bel Air, MD
*10. Cameron Rines: Severna Park, MD
11. Kelly Dietrich: Baltimore, MD
*12. Sean Gerwing Liter (Leader): Louisville, KY
13. Holly McGlawn-Zoller (Leader) [INJURED]: Louisville, KY
*14. Brent Vincent Betterly: Chicago, IL
*15. William Cory Lovell/William Corey Lovell/Corey Lovell: Chicago, IL
16. Jason Charter (Leader): Gaithersburg, MD
*17. Kyle Benjamin Wright (Leader): Chantilly, VA
*18. Rachel “Roody” Michelle Myles: Manassas, VA
19. Shiquan Rah Jackson (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
*20. Deandre Shakur Harris (ASH Seven Hills Antifa) [INJURED] [ARRESTED]: Suffolk, VA
*21. Corey Alexander Long (Flamethrower) [ARRESTED]: Culpeper, VA
22. Vonte “Vonzz” Long: Charlottesville, VA
*23. Charles Allen Howard Jr. AKA Bear Allen: Baltimore, MD
*24. Wyatt Reed: Elliston, VA
25. Lena Marie Seville: Charlottesville, VA
*26. Troy Thomas Dunigan [CONVICTED]: Chattanooga, TN
*27. Jacob Leigh Smith [CONVICTED]: Louisa, VA
*28. Jeff Fogel (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
29. Lara Rogers: Charlottesville, VA
*30. Edgar Brandon Collins [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
*31. Alec Summerfield (Leader): Maryland
*32. Dan Nguyen: Maryland
33. Jesse Schultz
34. Glenn Cantave: New York City, NY
*35. Hawk Newsome (Leader): New York City, NY
36. Medea Benjamin/Susan Benjamin (Leader): Washington, DC
37. Tighe Barry (Leader): Washington, DC
*38. Antonio “Tony” Wells: Charlottesville, VA
39. Evan “Hen” Henderson: Charlottesville, VA
40. Jay Scott: Waynesboro, VA
41. Cornel West (Leader)
42. Wednesday Allie Vulpes Bowie (ASH Seven Hills Antifa) [INJURED]
43. Marcus Martin [INJURED]: Lovingston, VA
44. Marissa K Blair
45. Courtney Leigh Commander: Charlottesville, VA
46. Nicholas Feggans: Charlottesville, VA
47. Jon Ziegler AKA Rebelutionary Z: Montrose, PA
48. Jake Westly Anderson (Renegade Media)
49. Bill Burke (International Socialist Organization: Athens, OH) [INJURED]: Hockingport, Ohio
50. Jack Basile
51. Natalie Romero [INJURED]
52. Devin Willis: Charlottesville, VA
53. Claire Millicent Wyatt: Washington, DC
*54. George Steppe: Charlottesville, VA
55. Joshua Lopez: New York City, NY
56. Michael Nigro
57. Abdul Aziz
58. Kim Cookemboo/Kim Ottensmeyer
*59. Sara Michel Tansey: Charlottesville, VA
60. Tom Perriello
61. Mitchell Elmo Fryer/Mitchell Lewis
62. Gabriel Komisar
63. David Cole
64. Cody Von Kradz
65. Lee Patterson: Baltimore, MD
66. Ed Hunt
67. Stuart D Leitch: Charlottesville, VA
68. Sandi Bachom [INJURED]
69. Kelly Carson: Richmond, VA
70. Bernadette Christopher Morrell Karpf: Philadelphia, PA
71. Sarah Delaney: Harrisonburg, VA
72. Jay Tubb
73. Brandy Gonzalez
74. Brianna Herrera/Emma Kaplan (Leader): Brooklyn, NY
75. Lisa Moore
76. Cora Schenberg
*77. Kyle Reedy: Washington, DC
78. David Vaughn Straughn: Charlottesville, VA
79. Zach D Roberts
80. Brittany Caine-Conley (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
81. Claudene “Deane” Oliva (Leader): Bowling Green, KY
82. Blake Montgomery
83. Kim Michetti Rolla (Leader): Richmond, VA
84. Elspeth Reeve
85. Osagyefo Sekou (Leader): St. Louis, MO
86. José Angel Romero (Leader): Durham, NC
*87. Daniel Barak Fargason AKA Owsi MacFearchar AKA Ötzi MacFearchar: Richmond, VA
88. Weston Gobar: Charlottesville, VA
89. Aryn A. Frazier
90. Isabella Ciambotti: Charlottesville, VA
91. Colleen Cook
*92. Chance Hayes/Zecharia Hayes: Spotsylvania, VA
93. Sandy Miller
94. Kasey Kelly Landrum
95. Shay Horse
*96. Kim Marie Kelly (Leader): New York City, NY
97. Theodore Edward Whitelow: Harrisonburg, VA
98. Nathaniel “Nate” Chase (Leader): New York City, NY
*99. Nupol Kiazolu: New York City, NY
100. Taryn Fivek (Leader): New York City, NY
101. Ed Zavada: Austin, TX
102. Timothy Porter: Charlottesville, VA
103. Tyler Magill: Charlottesville, VA
*104. Jeffrey Matthew Winder [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
*105. Kenneth Robert Litzenberger [ARRESTED]: Charlottesville, VA
*106. Phoebe LaFroy Stevens [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
107. Edward “Emily Florence” Gorcenski: Charlottesville, VA
108. Amanda Patrice Moore AKA Nita-Lynn Patrice: New York City, NY
*109. Jermaine Soo-Tim: New York City, NY
110. Brandon J Taylor: Hampton, NJ
111. Seth Wispelwey: Charlottesville, VA
112. Nikuyah Walker (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
113. Heather Kidd: Shipman, VA
114. Gretchen Burgess: Charlottesville, VA
*115. Tom Keenan (Leader)
*116. Gregory Southall Williams (Leader): Durham, NC
117. Megan Squire (Leader): Gibsonville, NC
118. Anthony “Tony” Crider
119. Beth Reid: Richmond, VA
120. Greyson Goodenow
121. Sally Rose: Charlottesville, VA
122. Laura Albert: Charlottesville, VA
123. Brian Wimer: Charlottesville, VA
124. Alex Rubinstein
125. Erin A Corbett: Brooklyn, NY
*126. Corey Lee Lemley (Leader) (Dates Giovanna Angelina Romkee): Nashville, TN
127. Marvin Leterrius Spencer III: Sherwood, AR
*128. Kristopher Cheney Goad: Richmond, VA
129. Jonathan Taylor Canfield
*130. Caleb Michael Burroughs: Macon, NC
131. Kendall Jennifer Bills: Charlottesville, VA
132. Loren Danielle Oliver-Balerna (Dates Jacob Leigh Smith): Louisa, VA
133. Jeanne Marie Peterson(Stevens) AKA Star Lucinda [INJURED]: Charlottesville, VA
134. Christopher Thomas Schiano (Unicorn Riot)
135. Wendy Parker (Unicorn Riot)
136. Pat Boyle (Unicorn Riot)
137. Daniel Hosterman: Durham, NC
138. Alec R Hosterman: Farmville, VA
139. Lillian Dana Prosperino: Whitesburg, KY
140. Kaitlyn “Kait” Dugan
141. Brandy Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
142. Alexandra “Alexa” Michelle Stott: Raleigh, NC
143. Gretchen Honnold
144. Korla Masters
145. Heather Wilson
146. Brennan Gilmore
*147. Mik Plungis: Catonsville, MD
*148. Julia Bates: Takoma Park, MD
149. Jack Vaughan: Takoma Park, MD
*150. William Healy: Maryland
151. Sylvan Miller: Charlottesville, VA
*152. Paul Minton
153. Frances Richards: Charlottesville, VA
154. Chelsea Marie Stabler AKA Chelsea Marie Melanthios: Charlottesville, VA
155. Mark Aloysious Strandquist: Richmond, VA
156. Courtney Bowles: Philadelphia, PA
157. Damani Harrison: Charlottesville, VA
158. Michael Green: Charlottesville, VA
159. Rosia Parker: Charlottesville, VA
160. Jeanne Pupke: Richmond, VA
161. Eze Amos: Charlottesville, VA
162. Brent Combs: Washington, DC
163. Jamie Dyer
164. Andrew Shurtleff: Charlottesville, VA
165. Jason Espie: Charlottesville, VA
166. Alice Beecher: Whitesburg, KY
167. Laura Cross: Charlottesville, VA
168. Héctor E Alcalá
169. Mark Tinkleman: Philadelphia, PA
170. Brian D McLaren
171. Jeffrey C Pugh
172. Bob Gibson: Charlottesville, VA
173. Jackson Landers: Charlottesville, VA
174. Brian “Cricket” Rakita: Louisa, VA
175. Sean Tubbs: Charlottesville, VA
176. Jay McNeal
177. Mostafa Bassim Adly
178. Michael Fitts
179. Katherine Sigman
180. Mark Ludak: Lambertville, NJ
181. Samuel Corum: Washington, DC
182. Claire-Marie Brisson
183. Evan Nesterak: Charlottesville, VA
184. John Neavear
185. Bob Rodgers: Richmond, VA
186. Jack Smith IV: New York City, NY
187. Kim Kelley-Wagner: Charlottesville, VA
188. Wes Bellamy: Charlottesville, VA
189. Andrew Batcher: Washington, DC
190. Phillip Igyarto: Springfield, VA
191. Jocelyn Prostko
192. Jacob Bonham AKA Aurora Powell: Charlottesville, VA
193. Pete Deer: Charlottesville, VA
194. Stephen “Steveo” Lamont Betties: Charlottesville, VA
195. Brian Shepherd: Louisa, VA
*196. Tim “Sauce” Brown: Charlottesville, VA
197. Don Diego
198. Baynard Woods
199. Brandon Soderberg
200. Hamilton Matthew Masters/Matt Masters
201. Jason C Andrew
202. Tobias Wolf
203. Morgan Hopkins AKA Morgan Freegan
204. Hawes Spencer: Charlottesville, VA
*205. Jordan McNeish
206. John Zangas: Washington, DC
207. Pat Jarrett
208. Laura Sennett
*209. Connor Hicks Douglas: New York City, NY
*210. Caleb Gibrahn Perkins: New York City, NY
211. Michael Gould-Wartofsky: New York City, NY
*212. Chandler William Coates: Louisville, KY
213. Elizabeth Ann Sines
214. Leanne Chia
215. Ian Frank
216. William Nix AKA Maddie Boyd Nix AKA Madeline Hatter: Chattanooga, TN
*217. Jeanette Hoppe Burleigh: Lebanon, OH
218. Charles Edward Robb: Louisville, KY
*219. Sam Schafer: Louisville, KY
220. Samantha Peacoe/Samantha Peace: Charlottesville, VA
221. Jordon Rooney: Pittsburgh, PA
222. Dave Wright: Pittsburgh, PA
223. Otis Harrison: Staunton, VA
224. Dom Bowman: Norfolk, VA
225. Andrew Kimmel
226. Mario Benabe: Bronx, NY
227. Sally Louise Gallagher Swope: Charlottesville, VA
228. Jessica Jude: Durham, NC
229. Joshua Eaton
230. Robert King/Bobby King: Indianapolis, IN
231. Alan Pyke
232. Marisa Holmes (Leader): New York City, NY
233. Robert John Winant: Philadelphia, PA
234. Celeste O’Connor: Maryland
*235. Anthony White: Chicago, IL
236. Carl Dix (Leader)
237. Dan Gottlieb
238. Tadrint “Tay” R. Washington: Charlottesville, VA [INJURED]
239. Constance Paige [INJURED]
240. Jason Wilson: Portland, OR
241. Lana J Heath de Martínez
242. Christopher Tweel
243. Lee Marc White: Charlottesville, VA
244. Brady Earnhart: Charlottesville, VA
245. Delores Rocha Chadwick: Charlottesville, VA
*246. Lindsey Elizabeth Moers: Philadelphia, PA
*247. Shawn Menne: Moorestown, NJ/Philadelphia, PA
248. Vanessa Bolin
249. Beth Alexander
250. Kelly Murphy
251. Kali Cichon
252. Anthony Riondino: New Brunswick, NJ
253. Jason Peterson
*254. Charles “Chuck” Modiano
255. Ian Reid
256. Kat McNeal
257. Melissa Thomas McKenney: Richmond, VA
258. Phil Wilayto: Richmond, VA
259. Alexandra Cope: Lynchburg, VA/Portland, OR
260. Riley McCarthy Bigg
261. Leila Chipowicz
262. Doug Eddy: Charlottesville, VA
263. Caris Adel: Charlottesville, VA
264. David L R Hoover: Norfolk, VA
265. Kim Bobo: Richmond, VA
266. Landon Shroder
267. Jason Lappa: Charlottesville, VA
268. Allison MacEwen
269. Charles Rasputin: Norfolk, VA
270. Brendan Orsinger (Leader): Washington, DC
271. Debra Zervas: Norfolk, VA
272. Craig Eastman
*273. Sean Golash (Leader): Washington, DC
274. Colleen Amelia Sharp: Durham, NC
275. Matteus Frankovich: Charlottesville, VA
276. Alan Goffinski: Charlottesville, VA
277. Beñat Quartararo: Raleigh, NC
278. Quamia Dennis: Charlottesville, VA
279. Austin Gonzalez (Leader): Richmond, VA
280. Joe Heim: Washington, DC
281. Tracye Prince DeSon: Washington, DC
282. Julie Van: Washington, DC
283. Donna Gasapo
284. Daniel Shular
285. Logan Rimel: Berkeley, CA
286. Arlo Millich: Charlottesville, VA
287. Sapphyre Miria: Louisa, VA
*288. Edmund Frost (Leader): Louisa, VA
289. Mark Groeneveld
290. Ruth van Veenendaal: Pitman, NJ
291. Bill Engler: Williamstown, NJ – https://www.facebook.com/bill.engler
292. Dianne Deming Bearinger: Charlottesville, VA
293. Mariah Connie Dean: Charlottesville, VA
294. Katie Spencer White: Charlottesville, VA
295. David Hunter
296. Alexandra Kedrock: Charlottesville, VA
297. Kristin Adolfson
298. Eleanor Goldfield
299. Mardokai Russom: Rockville, MD
300. Laurel Hoa
301. Reagan Greenfield: Charlottesville, VA
302. Kendall King-Sellars: Richmond, VA
*303. Stephen Lemons: Phoenix, AZ
304. Stuart Holme: Charlottesville, VA
305. Jeni Crockett-Holme: Charlottesville, VA
306. Allison Wilkie: Keswick, VA
307. James C Werner
308. Douglas Robert Niven
309. Caroline Polk: Charlottesville, VA
310. Russell Richards: Charlottesville, VA
311. Jennifer Lewis
312. JoAnn Cunningham Tigert
313. Patty Nourse Culbertson
314. Pam Gibson
315. Douglas Turner Day: Waynesboro, VA
316. Mary Manning Stewart: Charlottesville, VA
317. Kate Sedgwick Davidson
318. Ethan Lipscomb: Charlottesville, VA
319. Matt Turner
320. Stephen Barling: Charlottesville, VA
*321. Shane Davidson
322. Traci Blackmon: St. Louis, MO
323. Micah Washington: Charlottesville, VA [INJURED]
324. Ken E Nwadike Jr.
325. Alex Bower: Charlottesville, VA
326. Shadell Hughes: Charlottesville, VA
327. Jordy Yager
328. Dave Norris (Former Charlottesville Mayor): Charlottesville, VA
329. Natalie Brinton Krovetz: Charlottesville, VA
330. Jill Duffield: Charlottesville, VA
331. Kristina Korobeynikova: Louisa, VA
332. AD Carson: Charlottesville, VA
333. Meredith Rose: Charlottesville, VA
334. Kyle Rose: Charlottesville, VA
335. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
*336. Don Gathers: Charlottesville, VA
337. John Stanmeyer
338. Phil Woodson: Charlottesville, VA
339. Linda Peebles
340. Max Hess
341. Elaine Ellis Thomas: Charlottesville, VA
342. Shannon Sherwood Johnston
343. Jo Belser: Alexandria, VA
344. Melanie Mullen: Washington, DC
345. Theresa Lewallen: Alexandria, VA
346. Bernard Cayce Ramey
347. Walter Heinecke: Charlottesville, VA
348. Allen Groves
349. John R Penley: New York, NY
350. Brenda “Bee” Lambert
351. Sandy Hausman
352. Eric Cortellessa
353. Joe LoCascio
354. Brenda Brown-Grooms: Charlottesville, VA
355. Matthew Hatcher: Columbus, OH
356. Seth Herald
357. Megan Jelinger: Lima, OH
358. Sylwia Siemion: New York, NY
359. Aaron Cohen: Brooklyn, NY
360. Hawkins Dale: Charlottesville, VA
*361. Lucha Bright: Chicago, IL
362. Aaron Thomas
363. Charlie Gilliam: Charlottesville, VA
364. Anne Meng: Charlottesville, VA
365. Dolly Joseph
366. Kristen Wilson Pingry
367. Bill Gohl: Baltimore, MD
368. Kim Triplett
369. James Mauney: Salem, VA
370. Lura N Groen
371. Noah C Goodwin AKA Noah St Jacques
372. Monica Painter Martin
373. Rachel Gilmore: Virginia Beach, VA
374. Irma Heppner Mahone: Charlottesville, VA
375. Robbie Hott: Charlottesville, VA
376. Patricia Rowley Hott: Charlottesville, VA
377. Radcliffe “Ruddy” Roye
378. Antonio Mitchell
379. Sherin Nowrouz
380. Chaimaa Oualia: Woodbridge, VA
381. Sophie Schectman [INJURED]
382. Rebecca Schectman
383. George Curbelo (Traitor)
384. Dave Bruton: Charlottesville, VA
385. Maria Cristina Trutanich: Winston-Salem, NC/Long Beach, CA
386. Matthew Donald Casella: Greensboro, NC
387. Lindsay Kate Caesar: Greensboro, NC
388. Kathy Shearer: Emory, VA
389. Rees Shearer: Emory, VA
390. Kristin Layng Szakos: Charlottesville, VA
391. Robert Creigh Deeds: Hot Springs, VA
392. Robin Kunkel: Lexington, KY
393. Gabe Cavallaro: Waynesboro, VA
394. Peter Moskowitz: New York, NY
395. Jalane Schmidt: Charlottesville, VA
396. Ned Oliver: Richmond, VA
397. Jackie Kruszewski: Richmond, VA
398. Ryan M Kelly: Richmond, VA
399. Chenjerai Kumanyika: Philadelphia, PA
400. Saadiqa Kumanyika: Philadelphia, PA
401. Zoe Spellman/Zoe McDowell: Charlottesville, VA
402. Meredith Sam O’Leary: Charlottesville, VA
403. David Freeman: Silk Hope, NC
404. Winnie Varghese: New York, NY
405. Laura Saunders
406. Jamie Ballinger: Charlottesville, VA
407. Samantha Towett: Charlottesville, VA
408. Elizabeth Hancock: Charlottesville, VA
409. Devin Gentry: Charlottesville, VA
*410. Joseph Culver
411. Aaliyah Jones
412. Candice Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
413. Jacobie Artasia Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
414. Jonasia Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
415. Casey Ian Patchell
416. CJ Hunt
417. Mitchell Kordella: Richmond, VA
418. Michael Shallal: Washington, DC
419. Victor Thorp
*420. Nicholas “Nic” Evan Smith (Leader): Roanoke, VA
421. Juliana Colette
422. Benjamin Gray
423. Eva Pilgrim
424. Bo Erickson
425. Preston Willett
*426. John Andrew “Andy” Mulligan: Perkasie, PA
*427. Caeden Famiglio: Philadelphia, PA
428. Blair Sydnor Flynn
429. Anej Rendrag: Richmond, VA
430. Bessie Mae Hutt
431. Sheila Blackford: Charlottesville, VA
432. Tim Dodson: Charlottesville, VA
433. Adam Slate: Charlottesville, VA
434. Robert D Lewis: Charlottesville, VA
435. Bethney Foster
436. Bonnie Louise: Des Moines, IA
437. Bryan C Mann: Jamaica Plain, MA
438. Lisa Sharon Harper: Washington, DC
439. Carlton Elliott Smith: Holly Springs, MS
440. Susan Frederick-Gray
441. Sahar Alsahlani: New York, NY
442. Adam King
443. Marguerite Gallorini: Charlottesville, VA
444. Mary A Braden: Baltimore, MD
445. Alethea Leventhal: Charlottesville, VA
446. Scott Marzano: Charlottesville, VA
447. Paul Beyer: Charlottesville, VA
448. Gene Osborn: Charlottesville, VA
449. Garrett Trent: Charlottesville, VA
450. Kirk Conard
451. Jeffrey P Mickle
452. Forrest Swope: Charlottesville, VA
453. Christopher Mathias: New York, NY
454. Ronald Bailey: Washington, DC
*455. Dwayne Emil Dixon: Durham, NC
456. Ben Sherman: Lexington, KY
*457. Maya Malika: Chicago, IL
458. Ari Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
459. Chris Suarez: Charlottesville, VA
460. Lauren Berg: Charlottesville, VA
461. Eberhard Jehle: Charlottesville, VA
462. Joel M Gunter: London, England, UK
463. Sara Flounders
*464. Ronaldo Jahman Dixon: Morgantown, WV
465. Stephen D Melkisethian: Bethesda, MD
466. Rafael E Justo
467. Karla Ann Coté
*468. Jennifer “Kittie” Sobolowski/Jennifer “Kittie” Sobolewski/Jennifer Maria Sobolewski (Baked Sprayer GF/Spencer Sunshine GF/EX!): Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
469. Glenna Gordon
470. Christian W McMillen: Charlottesville, VA
471. Gary Powell: Charlottesville, VA
472. Jasmine Turner
473. Susan Melkisethian
474. Raman Pfaff: Charlottesville, VA
475. Nathan Sheard
476. Jessica Lehrman
477. Allie Conti
478. Zach Caldwell
479. Montae Lamar Taylor: Richmond, VA
480. Tanesha Hudson: Charlottesville, VA
481. Jordan Green
482. Orlando de Guzman
483. Jeannette Candelario
484. Aneyssa Harris
485. Brandon Dudley
486. Nadia Owusu: Baltimore, MD
487. James Lewis: New York, NY
488. Jeannie Nelson
489. Matt Korbon: Charlottesville, VA
490. Sam Becker
491. Sarah Rankin
492. Alba Onofrio
493. Yazmeen Nuñez: Richmond, VA
494. Emily Kingsley
495. Haley W Douglass
496. Michael Douglass
497. Sarah Crisman: Alexandria, VA
498. Destiny D Aman: Alexandria, VA
499. Amanda Hendler-Voss: Dumfries, VA
500. Karen Murray Rivers/Karen E Rivers: Woodbridge, VA
501. Marina Brock: Richmond, VA
502. Melanie Monteclaro Pace: Charlottesville, VA
503. Terri Gerald: Charlottesville, VA
504. Andy B Campbell: New York, NY
505. Elizabeth Marfell
*506. Donald Blakney [ARRESTED]: Charlottesville, VA
507. Joseph Robert Mee AKA Joseph Cornelius Suttree
508. James Dean Seal: New York, NY
509. Christopher P Schulz
510. Christine Mihelcic
511. Taj Arya Leblanc
*512. Rourke Thomas Winder: Afton, VA
513. Rosemarie Harper: Afton, VA
514. Ryan Wender: Afton, VA
515. Melissa Wender: Charlottesville, VA
516. Blake Caravati: Charlottesville, VA
517. Luis Oyola: Charlottesville, VA
518. Michael Bruder
519. Stephen S Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
520. Andy Orban: Charlottesville, VA
521. Alan Box Levine: Charlottesville, VA
522. Jennifer Esser: Charlottesville, VA
523. Jeanine Bordeau
524. Ruis Owin Brown: Charlottesville, VA
525. Tess Yergin/Teresa Collier: Charlottesville, VA
526. Joseph “Joey” Fowler: Charlottesville, VA
527. Ava Elizabeth Collins: Charlottesville, VA
528. Morgan Kiesler: Charlottesville, VA
529. Michael Cary Bragg: Winston-Salem, NC
530. Henry Graff: Charlottesville, VA
531. Allison Wrabel: Charlottesville, VA
532. Roxanne Croft/Roxanne Barreto
*533. James Wilson: Carrboro, NC
534. John Rudoff: Portland, OR
535. Robyn Gurinsky Weatherford: Charlottesville, VA
536. Candi Richards: Richmond, VA
537. Marc Adams: Charlottesville, VA
538. Gina R Carroll: Waynesboro, VA
539. Bernard Dukes
540. Christopher Newman: Charlottesville, VA
541. Adam Luke Senecaut (Leader): Chapel Hill, NC
542. Trish Kahle: Greensboro, NC
543. Jennifer Walker: Charlottesville, VA
544. Corey R Miles: Blacksburg, VA
545. Thomas Burwell: Greensboro, NC
546. Rachel Samuels
547. Abdulelah Aljawarneh (Illegal Alien)
548. Alvin C Jacobs Jr.
549. Jabeen Akhtar
550. Craig Stanley
551. Eric Hurt
552. Dan Miller
553. Rebecca Edwards: Charlottesville, VA
554. Ben Doherty
555. Lisa Woolfork: Charlottesville, VA
556. J Herman Jones: Waynesboro, VA/Richmond, VA
557. Liz Goodwyn: Charlottesville, VA
558. Bryce Woodrell: Orange, VA
559. Luke Dahl: Charlottesville, VA
560. Megan Renfro: Charlottesville, VA
561. Rob T Scott: Charlottesville, VA
562. Laura Shumaker Drummond
563. Brittany Leach
564. Anisa Gray Garnett
565. Chance Drummond
566. John Kluge: Charlottesville, VA
567. Tammy Purcell: Louisa, VA
568. Rhys D Baker: Washington, DC
569. John W Last: Charlottesville, VA
570. Krista Moore
571. Xavier Torres de Janon: Philadelphia, PA
572. Melissa Bohl
573. Leigh Finnegan-Hosey: Washington, DC
574. Andy Stepanian: Laguna Beach, CA
575. Miranda Mossey: Salinas, CA
576. Luke Harms/Luca Charms: Charlottesville, VA
577. John D Copenhaver: Winchester, VA
578. Katrina Turner
579. Salem Pearce: Brooklyn, NY
580. Lizz Goldstein
581. Christina C DiPasquale: Washington, DC
582. Jareyah Bradley
583. Mimi Arbeit: Charlottesville, VA
584. Laura Goldblatt
585. Jenna Hochman
586. Jason Lambert: Roanoke, VA
587. Karen Castanes
*588. Jabari Brisport: Brooklyn, NY
589. Chris Dietrich
590. Emmetri Beane
591. David Curtis: Richmond, VA
592. Edu Bayer: Brooklyn, NY
593. Jeremy Jones: Charlottesville, VA
594. Lisa Jones/Lisa Anne: Charlottesville, VA
595. Richard A DeLoria
596. Bryce Hardy: Lynchburg, VA
597. Samuel Hardy: Lynchburg, VA
598. Mykal McEldowney
599. Melanie Jane Barnum: Charlottesville, VA
600. Mai Shurtleff/AniClair Grey: Charlottesville, VA
601. Suzanne Hall: Charlottesville, VA
602. Damonia Lee: Charlottesville, VA
603. Mike Barber: Charlottesville, VA
604. Ethan Malamud: Richmond, VA
605. Andy Hannas: Free Union, VA
606. Jacin Buchanan: Richmond, VA
607. Thomas Martinez Pilnik
608. Rachel Zaslow
609. Barbara Armacost: Charlottesville, VA
610. Kevin Cope
611. Mila Versteeg
612. Anne M Coughlin
613. Mark Langlet
614. Courtney Koelbel
615. Amanda Lineberry
616. Kate Duvall
617. Julia Davis
618. Sean C Davis
619. Lara Celeste Mack: Harrisonburg, VA
620. Aubtin Heydari [INJURED]: Harrisonburg, VA
621. Zach Williams: Harrisonburg, VA
622. Will Mullany
623. Judith Young
624. Bradford Karl Slocum
625. Josh Hebdon: Harrisonburg, VA
626. Darryl W Cross
627. Matthew O’Donnell
628. April Muñiz: Charlottesville, VA
629. Kailey Adkins
630. Hannah Phillips Pearce: Charlottesville, VA
631. Mark Apollo: New York, NY
632. Brian Rule
633. Melina Caprellian: Richmond, VA
634. Therése Sylvia
635. Chelsea Alvarado [INJURED]: Richmond, VA
636. Paul D Murphy: Richmond, VA
637. Martha Mccausland Ross Havens: Charlotte, NC
*638. Thomas Jackson Massey: Philadelphia, PA
639: Clare Ruday: Charlottesville, VA
640. Alina Kilpatrick
641. Paulina Leonovich: Washington, DC
642. Franklin Bryan: Washington, DC
*643. Michael J Longo Jr.: Philadelphia, PA
644. Carly Romeo: Richmond, VA
645. Alexis Morris [INJURED]
646. Noelle Morris [INJURED]
647. Margaret “Maggie” Nicole Dickhaus AKA Vaughn Stokes: Asheville, NC
*648. Brian Bozicek: Philadelphia, PA
*649. Laura F Evangelisto
650. Alexander Stein


Israeli Minister Refuses UN, EU Calls to Investigate Violence Against Palestinians in Gaza

Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman rejects UN and EU calls to Investigate Israeli army’s violent suppression of Palestinians in Gaza. (AFP/ File Photo)
Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman rejects UN and EU calls to Investigate Israeli army’s violent suppression of Palestinians in Gaza. (AFP/ File Photo)


Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman rejected calls by the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) calling for an investigation into the Israeli army’s violent suppression of protests in Gaza, that left 15 protesters dead on Friday.

Over the weekend, the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, and Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, called for independent inquiries into the bloodshed.

An estimated 17,000 Palestinians had taken to the Israeli border on the 42nd anniversary of Land Day, and began the weeks-long “Great March of Return.”

In addition to the 18 protesters killed, a reported 750 wounded people were wounded by live fire, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Additionally, a Palestinian farmer was shot and killed near the border on Friday around dawn, and on Monday, a 29-year-old Palestinian who was injured on Friday succumbed to his wounds.
On Sunday, Lieberman told Israel’s public radio that the government would not be carrying out any inquiry into the casualties, saying “from the standpoint of the [Israeli Defence Force] soldiers, they did what had to be done.”
Lieberman added that he thinks “all of our troops deserve a commendation.”
Israel has repeatedly perpetuated the narrative that the massive demonstrations — which were organized by grassroots organizations and local activists as a nonviolent protest — were organized by the Hamas movement, and that the protests were being used as to “camouflage terror.”
The UN call for the investigation into the killings came after the US blocked a UN Security Council (UNSC) statement on Saturday condemning Israel’s use of force against civilian protesters at the Gaza border, which rights groups have deemed criminal and illegal.
Israeli forces have long been criticized for their use of excessive force against Palestinians, and what rights groups have termed their policy of “extrajudicial execution” in instances where Palestinians who did not pose a direct threat to the lives of soldiers could have been detained or subdued in a non-lethal manner.
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