That is not a name & Ugly Jewish names concealed

As most visitors may have noticed, we have recently expanded our scope to other scumbags such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jewish Defense League, etc. Antifa have been hiding under their rocks more and more, as they are easily the most hated terrorist group in existence today. The Antifa cowards are finding less and less safe spaces and because of that, we are going to use our resources for what we deem to be more interesting.

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to a new segment we are starting titled THAT IS NOT A NAME. Simply put, we are going to list the “names” of individuals that are humorous or just plain stupid and hopefully you will get a laugh or two as well.


Ha’Sean TreshonHa HaClinton-Dix – Safety for the Green Bay Packers. Sorry, but neither Ha’Sean or Treshon are real names.

Pilot Inspektor Lee – Son of actor Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl). Trying to outdo jibberish “African-American” names, sorry but Pilot and Inspektor are not real names.

Ocean Whitaker – Son of Black actor Forest Whitaker. Sorry crazy eyes, but an Ocean is a body of water, not a real name.

Jermajesty Jackson – Son of Jermaine Jackson. As if good ole’ Michael Jackson wasn’t bat shit crazy enough, Jermajesty is not a real name.

Boomquifa is not a real name.

Precious is an adjective and a noun, but it is not a real name.

DeShawn is not a real name.


We’ll also poke fun as some famous Jews that changed their names:

Winona Ryder – born Winona Laura Horowitz

Gene Wilder – born Jerome Silberman

Barry Manilow  – born Barry Alan Pincus

Mickey Rooney – born Joseph Yule

Bob Dylan – born Robert Zimmerman

Jason Alexander – born Jay Scott Greenspan

Jane Seymour – born Joyce Frankenberg

Alan King – born Irwin Kniberg

Lorne Green – born Chaim Leibowiz

Kirk Douglas – born Issur Danielovitch Demsky

Woody Allen – born Allen Konigsberg

Elliott Gould – born Elliott Goldstein

Lauren Bacall – born Betty Joan Perske

George Burns – born Nathan Birnbaum

Michael Caine – born Maurice Micklewhite

Joan Rivers – born  Joan Molinsky

Albert Brooks – born Albert Einstein

Michael Landon – born Eugene Michael Orowitz

Tony Randall – born Sidney Rosenberg

Natalie Portman – born Natalie Hershlag

Ralph Lauren – born Ralph Lifshitz

John Denver – born Henry John Deutschendorf

Mel Brooks – born Melvin Kaminsky

Tony Curtis – born Bernie Schwartz

And I’ll end this first segment by telling you that Tyrone was originally a White person name, although it’s hard not to visualize every big Black Coon’s name as being Tyrone. Tyrone  is actually a county in Ireland.