Warning – Milan Kieserling

To all of our friends that own record shops or other online companies, please be aware that we have been notified of an individual in Germany that is purchasing compact discs, then claiming they are defective and filing complaints:

Milan Kieserling
Paracelsuspark 1
Apartment 38
Hamm, 59063
Phone : +4923819731761

His currently public Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/milan.kieserling?ref=br_rs





Studies Energietechnik und Ressourcenoptimierung at Hochschule Hamm Lippstadt

The preceding information was verified by a public information website found through Google and his public Facebook and social media pages. We are not making any claims in our post, we are simply offering this to help protect businesses from fraud.

Milan Kieserling is free to contact us to dispute this information and we will gladly remove it if proven to be untrue.