Do feminists represent normal women?

The Justice Brett Kavanaugh nomination process brought out the lowest of the low when it comes to Democrats, which honestly are just Socialists with another name. I believe the #metoo movement is real and all rapists and sexual abusers should be handled as harshly and quickly as possible when allegations are proven. The problem is that the anti-men feminists want to strip men from having the American right of being “innocent until proven guilty.” If a story is not corroborated and there is no evidence, a person should never be put through what this man and his family have endured. And I do not believe normal (non men-hating feminist lesbians) women would agree with this type of dangerous and childish behaviour. These deranged liberal feminists throwing themselves around and screaming at the tops of their lungs does not accomplish anything but expose them as being mentally ill. I personally find them vile and I feel sorry for any men or boys in their families. Level-headed women will not be swayed by paid actors and violent anti-men lesbians.