Things you may not know #1

This will be a new topic idea where I will lay out some very simple things that you may be too brainwashed or stupid to realize on your own. Please do a little research from numerous sources to learn more:

#1. The United States directly alters and influences the politics in other countries. We hear a lot about “Russian Collusion,” but we don’t hear anything in the fake news (CNN, Fox, etc) about the United States manipulating currency and oil, in countries such as Venezuela, to overthrow governments we do not agree with. If you happen to be an enemy of Israel (the owners of the United States government), like Iraq or Syria, you will find yourself under military attack as well. Luckier countries, like Iran, have nuclear weapons, so they only have to deal with economic (as well as social attacks to influence the citizens through social media) attacks.

#2. There is NO rise of hate groups. “White Nationalists” are not everywhere, there is no epidemic of “hate crimes,” the only thing that has changed is the massive increase in the number of agencies reporting so-called “hate crimes” and the fact that too many crimes that are supposedly committed by Whites are easily labeled as “hate crimes” now. While minorities are rarely ever charged with “hate crimes” when their victims are Whites, if it is the other way around, you can be sure the charges will be tacked on.

3. Israel was NOT established following a “holocaust.” Although many people are mislead to believe that Palestine was stolen and given to Jews to emigrate merely to escape the atrocities of a “holocaust,” the fact exists that the Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by England in 1917 announcing the support of a “national home for the Jewish people.”  Lord Rothschild was involved in this scam and I welcome everyone to research the Rothschild family.

4. If one single person is not afforded the 1st amendment right to free speech, no one has free speech. Once you begin justifying who is or isn’t given the right to speak their mind with words, music, etc, there is no true sense of freedom remaining. The freedom of speech was not established to protect “popular speech,” but quite the opposite. Think about it, why would the controlling masses not want you to hear or read about any topic? Wouldn’t simple debate prove outlandish ideas wrong? Since almost every avenue used to reach large numbers of people goes through Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, they shape and form the narratives that are allowed to be discussed. Any proud Whites will be censored, terminated or find themselves so far down the search results that it becomes close to impossible to be heard. “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire