ARRESTED: Philadelphia School Teacher Arrested Over Terroristic Threats

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John E. Sheerin
6212 Hasbrook Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111



John Sheerin (Facebook)

John Sheerin (Facebook)

The summer protest season appears to be ending with drama

John E. Sheerin, age 63, is probably one of the weirder far-left extremist protestors in Philly.   He’s been appearing in comments sections on just about any drama that occurs in the city, and he’s out on the streets with Asa Khalif at his protest events.

Here’s a post where he was badgering Daphne Jenkins, a Philadelphia GOP ward leader, for electing to appear on CNN after Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, AZ to give her views on what she thought of the President’s remarks:

Sheerin said just about everything except calling Jenkins a ‘house n***er.’

Angered, Jenkins replied that CNN approached her to appear on camera independently and not any member of the Philadelphia GOP sending her to the show [does the Phila GOP run the CNN newsroom?]  No one at the GOP City Committee had any clue that Jenkins was going to appear on live television.   It was the simple sight of a black Trump supporter; the mere idea that there are black people who support the President–in Philly!–set Sheerin off in tirades.

The last thing that would convince Jenkins to quit being a Republican would be an angry old white man ordering her what to think.  Sheerin later climbed down from his rant.

Here’s Sheerin apologizing on behalf of the white race because neighbors in Bustleton were pissed off at a protest on their street focused on their neighbor, PPD Officer Ryan Pownhall. which Mayor Jim Kenney condemned:

A few nuts in the city liken Sheerin to John Brown

Philadelphia Police arrested Sheerin for terroristic threats which were made August 16th “Philly is Charlottesville” rally, the one where Councilwoman Helen Gym proposed getting rid of the Rizzo statue.

Pro-police supporters have been filing complaint forms to the School District of Philadelphia, where Sheerin works as a teacher.

Like Father, Like Son

Chris Sheerin (Facebook)

Chris Sheerin (Facebook)

Not to be outdone, Sheerin’s son Chris Sheerin is also facing simple assault charges related to violence at a Trump rally in the city on July 4.

EXPOSED: Philadelphia School Principal Outed as Antifa, Calls Trump Supporters “White Trash P*ssies”

July 3, 2017:

Following his son’s arrest yesterday amid Antifa assaults on Trump supporters, John Sheerin took to Facebook to voice his disdain for them, and support for Antifa. The NJ Department of Homeland Security recently designated Antifa a Domestic Terrorist organization.

John Sheerin identifies himself in the posts as a Principal with the Philadelphia School District. His Facebook identifies him as Teacher, School District of Philadelphia.

According to his Facebook page, Principal Sheerin has attended many Antifa events in Philadelphia in the past and may be a very active member of the group.