The plain and painfully clear truth about Antifa

In case you missed it, the emotionally damaged group using the name ANTIFA has made massive miscalculations and is now the most hated and despised organization in the world. Not content with libeling people who have at some point of their lives, many times decades before, been a part of the White Nationalist movement, the Antifa geniuses decided it would be wise to set their targets on any citizens that are not Communist/Socialist buffoons. Further numbing the buzz word “nazi,” they label Republicans “nazis,” the Alt-Right are “nazis” and if you are not someone that hates your country, does drugs and cross-dressers, you would probably be a “nazi” as well.

Antifa are a terrorist organization.

It is a clear as day, Antifa are out to suppress the expression of free speech and the right to assemble peacefully. Their cry that “America was never great” is disgusting and turns more and more average people against them every day. Locate any newspaper article mentioning Antifa that allows comments and 99% are people furious with them and also ridiculing them on how pathetic they are hiding behind masks and getting their asses kicked almost every time they harass and attack innocent citizens simply exercising their right to assemble to show support for the country they love and our current president. Yes Antifa scum, Donald J. Trump is still our president. And no matter how many times that you are humiliated and beaten up, until his term is finished, Trump will still be the president.

Since Antifa wear masks and are known to attack using weapons, it is without hesitation that I would personally smash any member I encounter. It doesn’t matter whether they are hiding behind the police officers or FBI as they are known to do, if they are within sight and threatening violence, it’s best to respond to violence with violence of your own. The irony is that Antifa are extremely feminine and despite wearing ski masks and carrying weapons, they are very weak and completely unable to do anything except yell into megaphones, vandalize store fronts and homes and to damage property with graffiti.

Antifa’s time is coming to an end. They are hated by everyone and as their identities are revealed, you will see how quickly they fade into obscurity, just like their original group – the laughed at for years Anti-Racist Action. Let’s face it folks, Antifa has nothing to do being with anti-racism, they are emotionally damaged losers, living in their parents’ basements and lashing out at the world like miserable babies wearing soiled diapers.

Antifa… Cops are “pigs” and “nazis” until they run to them….

“Officers in an undercover police car that happened to be driving by spotted the two bloodied men standing on the sidewalk while trying to call 911 and asked them what was going on.”

On February 11, 2017, following a Cock Sparrer and Judge concert, a few members of a click of friends called “211” were having a get together at an after-concert party. Numerous eyewitnesses reported to us that they witnessed numerous Antifa members using their phones to videotape 211 members while taunting them. Little did they know that there were more members than they expected. A scuffle ensued and as most of the cowardly New York City NYC Antifa members ran, they left behind 2 twin brothers that are Antifa.

As with most internet groups that harass and target individuals and are only in the public with their faces covered and usually hiding behind the police, they were beaten up from one side of the street to the other!

It’s extremely ironic that for a group of #snowflakes like Antifa that post images of themselves with baseball bats and weapons, the first thing they did was run and then contact the police and newspapers. Cowards and weaklings.

So much for “PUNCH NAZIS,” huh guys? You have been warned, any and all acts of harassment and aggression will be met with actual real violence. You may attack innocent people and harass individuals online, but when you’re stupid enough to harass and taunt people in real life, YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH!

“Officers in an undercover police car that happened to be driving by spotted the two bloodied men standing on the sidewalk while trying to call 911 and asked them what was going on.”

If you’re in another Commie Leftist group, how do you feel about the scourge known as Antifa running to the cops?