Did an Antifascist Group Put Up Anti-White Posters in Seattle?


A photograph showing a ‘When You Date a White’ poster in Seattle is real, but Emerald City Antifa said that they were not responsible for the message.


On 5 December 2016, a photograph purportedly showing a poster warning against the “propagation of whites” was published to the web site Imgur. A few days later, University of Washington’s college newspaper reported that a similar poster had been taped to a pole near the campus bookstore:

This past Monday, Dec. 5, a friend of mine noticed and took a picture of this poster taped up near the UW Book Store. Addressed to those who choose to date white people, it warns that “propagation of whites” will “not be tolerated,” and that those who choose to date white people “have been warned.”

This is a crystal-clear threat against people of color in the Seattle community. I would argue that, implicitly, it is especially a threat against women of color. I know such women who felt shocked and afraid for their safety after seeing its toxic message, a message that is unequivocally a racist and violent threat.

On 6 December 2016, Emerald City Antifa posted to Facebook a message saying that they had nothing to do with either the creation or the distribution of the poster.  It also responded to several comments explaining that the message expressed on the poster was not in line with their views:

Another head’s up – we did not create or distribute this one either. This is not our message. This come across like what white supremacists tell each other about anti-fascists. Not very clever! Still, annoying.

Again, we did not post this sign. This isn’t even a thinly disguised political agenda by far right trolls… the language could be used as a recruiting technique to convince people that white people are under attack as a group, vs white supremacy is under attack as a systemic oppression.

Because so many people have been asking us again, here’s our response to these posters:

We did not make them. We did not put them up. This is not what we believe. The only people aware of what Antifa does and still thinks we’re anti-white are racists. Period.

We are much more ideologically sound and arty than that KKKrap. Promise.

Read the words of it. It’s exactly like their fantasy/nightmare of white genocide and anti-whiteness that the think anyone who hates racism believes in. We don’t have any actual evidence they did this, but this is the type of shit they do.

Date whoever you like.

It is unclear who was responsible for creating this poster, but it may have been an attempt to smear this particular group or divert attention from the people who actually put up the posters. Shortly after the image was posted, several messages encouraging people to spread a similar poster were posted to the web site 4chan:

You guys should spread these posters instead of the alt-right and white identity stuff. Go overboard with irony like Yuri described.

Tbf, this is the right way to redpill the population. They’re too dumb and sheepled to wake up when shown facts, so you have to go so far into fiction that they can’t suspend their belief any more. What will save the white race is not a new wave of brownshirts purifying ideology, it is an explosion of Antifa that then eats itself.

I wonder if I can get a printer to print these

I honestly can’t tell if this is actually an ANTIFA poster, or an alt-righter who posted this to stop racemixing.

Someone should start a low key effort to spread propaganda to make antifa look even dumber

The domain EmeraldCityAntifa.com does not belong to the anti-fascist group, but instead the is being used to promote a book by Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s former senior editor, who shared the image to his Facebook page on 28 March 2017.  The Global Antifa page claimed that Yiannopoulos was using “fake racist flyers” to create buzz for his book:

Milo Yiannopoulos is at it again! This time, he is using fake racist flyers to make Emerald City Antifa in Seattle look like bigots! If you see these flyers in Seattle, rip them down! ECA would never post garbage like this!

He has even created a fake ECA website that links people to his own websites and Breitbart articles. You’re all getting trolled by Milo:

It is unclear if Yiannopoulos created the poster or if he was simply capitalizing on the controversy. According to Who.is, the web site was not created until February 2017, more than two months after the poster started to circulate.

We have reached out to the group for more information.

Philly & South Jersey Antifa violating New Jersey law

Before you go on a tirade about how horrible the KKK is and how the sweet folks of ANTIFA are there to protect your community, please realize that not only was the phone number on the Klan flyers (that were legally distributed) from out of the state, not one single member or representative has responded to the media. If this was indeed a real Klan project, and not scum ANTIFA members doing both sets of flyers to gain attention, why would the Klan not be taking this opportunity to speak? Think about it… the only thing that makes sense is that Antifa itself was also responsible for the so-called “Klan literature.”

Please take a few minutes to report the illegal activities of “South Jersey” Antifa and Philadelphia ANTIFA in Cinnaminson, New Jersey and Maple Shade, New Jersey.

ANTIFA have recently put on their numerous twitter pages that they have posted ANTIFA flyers across telephone poles in both towns.

New Jersey State Statute 27:5-9 prohibits the placing of signs (political or otherwise) on public utility poles. In addition, Section 27:5-23 states “It shall be the duty of all departments of State or local government and all county and municipal officers charged with the enforcement of State and municipal laws under the direction of the commissioner to assist in the enforcement of the previsions of this act and the orders issuer or rules or regulations adopted pursuant to this act…the Chief of Police of an municipality are authorized and charged under the direction of the commissioner to enforce the provision of this act and any rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto”

NJSA Section 27:5-16 prescribes penalties ranging from $50 to $500 for each offense. Each day of the violation may be deemed to be a separate offense.


You can contact the Maple Shade, New Jersey Police at: (856) 234-8300

Cinnaminson, New Jersey Police can be reached at: (856) 829-6667


It is very important to be polite while reporting these violations and simply explain that ANTIFA has violated the NJ statutes with their littering.

Antifa violating NJ statutes

Antifa brag of violating NJ statutes


Philly Antifa Clowns

Philadelphia & “South Jersey” Antifa – Are these the types of cowards you want in your town????


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