Mr. & Mrs Keenan

What’s a matter guys, why did you want this post removed????

Thomas Keenan and Jessica (Cunningham) Keenan (aka Jesylovescake) tied the knot on Nov 15th 2014.


These two definitely belong together let’s just hope she gives him a little more cake than she has been eating.

Jesylovescake’s facebook page can be found at:

“Love your url Jesy, laugh everytime”

Let’s give them a nice warm congratulations – NOT!

Walter Cunningham, Jesy’s father; hopefully he knows what his new son-in-law is like. Keenan is a known anti-police activist where he attends and talks at anti-police rallys and meetings claiming they are to stop Police brutality. Keenan is a criminal who got lucky after he and a few friends found the need to bash a police car.  He is affiliated with Philly Antifa a group that gets off on using anti-racism as their tool to spark racial conflict in small neighborhoods.


Jesy & Walter Cunningham



May your marriage be full of cake!